Friday July 8, 2016
Room: Mockingbird 1 (Swan Hotel)
StartEndChairAuthors and Title
Introduction and welcomeMichel Dumontier. [slides]
08:4009:05Dead Simple Design OWL Patterns (or your money back). David Osumi-Sutherland, Melanie Courtot and Christopher Mungall [slides]
09:0509:30Towards a More Molecular Taxonomy of Disease. Jisoo Park, Benjamin Hescott and Donna Slonim [slides]
09:3009:55Ontologies to integrate, classify and model drug discovery data. Yu Lin, Hande Küçük McGinty, Saurabh Mehta, Nooshin Nabizadeh, Vasileios Stathias, Dusica Vidovic, Amar Koleti, Christopher Mader, Jianbin Duan, Ubbo Visser, Tudor Oprea and Stephan Schürer [slides]
10:0011:00Coffee break (10:15 - 10:45) + Posters accompanying flash updates
11:0011:30NigamFlash updates, 10 min each
- CrePortal Update of Mouse Curated Recombinase Activity Data. Michelle Knowton, Hiroaki Onda, Janan Eppig and Cynthia Smith [slides]
- Assessing the impact of Gene Ontology and annotation evolution on reproducibility. Tomczak, Mortensen, Liu, Alessi, Rainer Winnenburg, Francesco Vallania, Shane Lofgren, Winston Haynes, Nigam Shah, Mark Musen and Purvesh Khatri [slides]
- Ontology Development for Formal Representation of GeneReviews. Sweta Singh, Qian Zhu and Krystl Haerian [slides]
11:3012:15Invited talk: Martin Romacker - Getting Bio-Ontologies into the Business: Challenges, Strategies and Success Stories [slides]
12:152:00Lunch Break
Elucidating effects of nerve injury on gene expression using RegenBase, a knowledge base of spinal cord injury biology. Alison Callahan, Matthew Danzi, Giulia Zunino, Daniel Cooper, Nigam Shah, Ubbo Visser, John Bixby and Vance Lemmon [slides]
2:252:50Augmenting Functional Microbiome Research using a Semantically-Enabled Analytical Infrastructure. Evan Patton, Divya Ravichandar, Matthew Urschel, Kristin Bennett, Anna Dyson, Karyn Rogers, Cynthia Collins and Deborah McGuinness. [slides]
2:503:15Applying an Ontology-guided Machine Learning Methodology to SEER-MHOS Dataset. Hua Min, Hedyeh Mobahi, Sava Vukomanovic, Katherine Irvin, Ilirjeta Krasniqi, Sanja Avramovic and Janusz Wojtusiak [slides]
3:154:00Coffee break (3:30 - 4:00) + Posters accompanying flash updates
Evaluating the effect of annotation size on measures of semantic similarity. Maxat Kulmanov and Robert Hoehndorf [slides]
4:254:45Flash updates, 10 min each
- An ontological approach for defining neuron types and subtypes by identifying their compositional features. Shreejoy Tripathy, Renaud Richardet, Brenna Li, Sean Hill and Paul Pavlidis [slides]
- Towards Ontological Mapping of Immunological Data Standards. Syed Ahmad Chan Bukhari and Kei-Hoi Cheung [slides]
4:455:30Invited talk: Parsa Mirhaji - Boiling the ocean with tools of informatics: The Semantic Data Lake for Healthcare and Life Sciences

July 9, 2016: See the Phenotype Day Programme